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Share line edits and feedback with comments.

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There are lots of ways to share feedback in Ellipsus. For instance, you can contribute your own edits in a new draft and chat with collaborators to trade ideas. But sometimes, you want to share your thoughts about a specific sentence. That’s where comments come in!

Add a comment

Comments can only be added to drafts, so in order to start working with comments, you’ll need to create a draft. Open your draft, highlight a selection of text, click the comment icon, type your comment into the input field, and then click Comment.

The document owner and all editors can comment on a draft.

View existing comments

If a draft has comments, you’ll see sections of highlighted text. Open the comments panel and click on the highlighted text to see its associated comment.

Comments always stay linked to a text selection. If you or another writer delete or edit the selected text, you can still see the original text when clicking to expand the comment.

Edit, delete, resolve, and filter comments​

There are multiple ways to interact with comments. You can:

  • Edit: Click the three-dot menu next to your comment and click Edit.

  • Delete: If you want to delete a comment you created, click on it to expand its contents, then click on the trash icon.

  • Resolve: You can resolve any comments on a draft. Just expand the comment and click on the checkbox icon.

  • Reply: You can reply to both open and resolved comments.

  • Filter comment details: Click the gear icon in the comments panel to show or hide comment details. Currently, you can choose to show or hide highlights in your draft and resolved comments.

Merge drafts with comments

When a draft with comments is merged, the comments will stay with the original draft instead of being carried over to the main document.

What’s coming next

In the coming months, we plan to support advanced filtering, notifications, and more. Have ideas for how we can continue to improve comments? Add to our ideas board or join our Discord to let us know!

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