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Format your document

Take your writing in a bold (or slanted) direction.

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Format text

Currently, Ellipsus supports basic text formatting. Just open a document and click on Format in the right-hand sidebar (It will look like a capital T) to open the formatting panel.

The formatting panel enables you to:

  • Customize paragraph and font styling

  • Add text effects, lists, and more

  • Adjust text alignment

Update fonts and paragraph styles

Right now, any text styling (like font, font weight, and spacing) will be applied globally to all text matching the selected paragraph style. For instance, if you’ve selected text that uses an H1 paragraph style, any changes to font size or line spacing would be applied to all other H1s in your main document or current draft.

We currently offer seven different fonts: Comic Neue, Courier Prime, Inter, Literata, Open Dyslexic, Sylexiad Serif, and Ubuntu Mono.

Customize spacing

You can also set the line height, letter spacing, word spacing, and paragraph spacing for each paragraph style. Just open the Format panel and open the spacing dropdown in the Text section. You can use the plus or minus signs to adjust spacing or type in a number to set it manually.

Apply additional text styling

Under the Style section, you’ll see additional options for formatting text or adding emphasis. Options include:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Strikethrough

  • Underline

  • Bulleted list

  • Numbered list

  • Indent

  • Unindent

  • Quote block

  • Line separator

  • Code snippet

Looking for a way to add a link to your text? Just select the text you want to hyperlink and right-click or type (or Ctrl) + V to paste a URL.

Adjust paragraph alignment

You can change choose whether text is left-aligned, center-aligned, right-aligned, or justified. By default, changes to alignment will apply to the selected paragraph; if you’d like to apply alignment changes to your entire document (or draft), simply select all text using your mouse (or + A / Ctrl + A) and then click on one of the alignment icons.

Save time with shortcuts


(or Ctrl) + C


(or Ctrl) + V


(or Ctrl) + B


(or Ctrl) + I


(or Ctrl) + U


(or Ctrl) + Z


(or Ctrl) + Y

Find in page

(or Ctrl) + F

Delete word left of cursor

(or Alt) + Delete

Indent text


Unindent text

Shift + Tab

Save time with markdown

If you regularly use markdown while writing, you’ll be pleased to see we support several common formatting options.

H1 header

# H1

H2 header

## H2

H3 header

### H3

H4 header

#### H4





Horizontal divider


Bulleted list

- item 1
- item 2

- item 3

Ordered list

1. item 1

2. item 2

3. item 3

Code snippet


Quote block

> quote

Need more options?

Throughout our beta (and beyond) we’ll continue to improve the text editor and add more formatting options. Visit our ideas board to upvote existing feature ideas or add your own.

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