Chat with collaborators

Discuss edits, capture ideas, and more with chat.

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Chat enables a new way to discuss your writing in context. Instead of switching apps, you can collect feedback, share your input, and jot down notes and ideas directly in Ellipsus.

Post a chat message

Open any document and click Chat in the right-hand sidebar to open a chat window.

Each view in a document hosts a separate chat, making it easy to keep feedback organized. Only the document owner and editors can participate in chats.

At the top of the chat window, you’ll see the avatars of eligible participants and the current document or draft name.

Interact with messages

Chat participants can post messages, edit or delete their previous messages, and upload images or files. They can use emojis to react to others’ messages, pin messages to the top of the chat window, or reply to messages to create threads. Threaded replies pop out as their chat window, so that you can view and discuss multiple topics alongside your writing.

Each message is time-stamped. If another collaborator has seen your message, you’ll see their avatar below your message.

Ideas for chat

Need help getting started? You can use chat:

  • By yourself. Capture ideas, plot points, or specific turns of phrase that you want to add to your current draft (or want to preserve during the editing process).

  • With a co-author. Co-write with editors while keeping your current draft clutter-free.

  • With beta readers: Readers with editor access can share their feedback via chat. Use replies to clarify ideas and pin the messages you want to incorporate in your current or next draft.

Have ideas for how we can improve chat and real-time collaboration? Add to our ideas board or join our Discord to let us know!

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