Collaborate with editors

Invite other writers to contribute to documents.

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Invite others

If you want to collect feedback or suggested edits from another writer (or many writers!), you can invite them to edit your document. Click Collaborators in the right-hand sidebar, enter your collaborator’s email address, and click Send invite.

Editors will receive an invite with a link to your document. Shared documents will be accessible via the Shared with me tab in the dashboard.

Collaborate on a document

There are currently two permission levels in Ellipsus: owner and editor.

Anyone who creates a document is its owner. Owners can edit the main document, create and delete drafts, edit all existing drafts, and merge drafts into the main document. They can also invite and manage editors.

Individuals invited to edit a document are considered editors. Editors can view the main document and all drafts. They can also create new drafts; however, they cannot merge drafts, edit the main document or other drafts, or manage editors.

Tip: Hover over the avatar next to any draft to see its creator.

Manage collaborators

If you change your mind after sending an invite, you can easily remove an existing editor. Click Collaborators in the right-hand sidebar and then click the trash icon next to the editor’s email address. Once removed, they will no longer be able to create drafts or switch between current drafts; however, if they have the URL of the document or an individual draft, they will still be able to view its contents.

What’s next?

This is just the start of collaboration in Ellipsus. If you want to request additional collaborative features—or if you want a sneak peek of what we’re working on—visit our ideas board or join our Discord.

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