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Throughout our beta, we’ll introduce new ways to get feedback, invite collaborators, and publish your work. For now, here’s how to share your work!

Share a link to a document or draft

You can share a direct link to any document or draft in Ellipsus. Just open your document and navigate to the version (i.e., original document or specific draft) you want to share, click on Share & export in the right-hand sidebar, then click Copy link.

Anyone with the link will be able to view—but not edit—the document or draft, even if they don’t have an Ellipsus account. By the way, links are never indexed by search engines.

Note: It's currently possible to navigate to the document URL by deleting part of the draft URL. If this is a concern when sharing, you might want to create a separate document before sharing a link.

Invite a collaborator

You can also invite others to join your document and create their own drafts. Click Collaborators in the right-hand sidebar, enter your collaborator’s email address, and click Send invite.

Your collaborator will receive an invite to join your document as an editor. Editors can view the document, edit and collaborate on drafts, and create their own drafts. Learn more about collaborating with editors.

Export your text

If you want to keep a local version of your writing, you can export a document or draft as a PDF. You can also copy text as HTML or Rich Text in order to add content to your website or publish it to hosting platforms like Archive of Our Own.

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