What is Ellipsus?

We’re building a better way to write, edit, and publish together.

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Writing with others is hard. We think it should be easier. We’re building Ellipsus to improve the process of drafting, editing, and sharing your work with others.

Week over week, we’re working to make Ellipsus faster, more delightful, and more feature-rich. As part of our beta, you’ll have the opportunity to test the latest updates and help shape the future of collaborative writing and publishing.

Here’s what you can do with Ellipsus today:

Create as many documents as you need

The primary view in Ellipsus is your dashboard. This is where you can create and access your documents. And as the name suggests, over time it will offer an overview of everything important: Think open discussions, recently edited documents, readership stats, and so on.

Manage collaborators and merge drafts

In Ellipsus, drafts stay connected to the main document. Create as many as you’d like to experiment and refine before committing to a change. When you’re ready, you can merge a selected draft into your main document. Then continue to draft, compare, and merge until you’re done. Your collaborators can also create drafts based on your documents, so you can easily track suggestions while retaining full control over which edits make the final draft.

Share your writing anywhere

When you’re ready to collect feedback or publish, there are multiple ways to share. Currently, you can share your work as a view-only link, export your writing as a PDF, or copy your text as HTML or Rich Text.

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