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What's Ellipsus?
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
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What is Ellipsus?

Ellipsus will make it easier to write, edit, and publish together. We’re starting with a collaborative text editor, but we have big plans for 2024 and beyond.

What features are you working on?

So far, we’ve built the basics of text editing, drafting, and merging. Next up, we’ll be adding more collaborative features, sharing permissions, chat, and commenting. Visit our ideas board if you want to vote on upcoming feature ideas or add your own.

Who are you people?

Ellipsus was founded by John and Rex: co-founders, writers, and partners for more than a decade. They live in Berlin with two dachshunds and a ton of books. Ellipsus was born from the drama and difficulty of trying to write a novel together. They’re building Ellipsus in Europe with Fuad, Vincent, Orne, Kate, and Karol.

What’s your stance on generative AI?

We’re not fans, to put it mildly.

Are you trying to steal my work?

Nope! In fact, ensuring that creators own their work is core company value. We want to make it easier to write, edit, and publish together so that creators can be credited (and eventually compensated) accordingly.

How do I get early access?

Just take this short survey! We’re sending out small batches of invites each week, with the goal of opening up beta access to everyone before the end of 2023. Do you have a pressing need to get immediate access to Ellipsus? Then get in touch at [email protected].

When will you launch?

We want to get as many writers using Ellipsus by end of year—and we want to get rid of any waitlists as soon as possible—but we’ll only “launch” launch when we know we’ve built something people really, really love.

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